intestinal, mood, osteoporosis. Some believe that, even in erectile dysfunction , vitamin D may play a role. True or false? Dr. Alessandro Pizzocaro , andrologist at the Humanitas Hospital, answers .

“True . According to the latest research conducted on the relationship between vitamin D and sexual health in humans, it seems that having normal levels of vitamin D in the blood can help prevent erectile dysfunction, a problem that does not only concern the elderly but, more and more, even the young – explains the expert -. An adequate level of vitamin D,

in fact, is essential to keep the cardiovascular system healthy, bringing direct benefits also to human health and sexual activity. The report would be due to the fact that cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction share many risk factors, such asdiabetes, high cholesterol levels, smoking habits, high blood pressure, overweight, depression. In particular, vitamin D has a positive role in the production of nitric oxide which is the most important factor that promotes the dilation of the arterial vessels not only of the heart and of the different vascular districts but also of the penis, favoring an erection.

For this reason, if there is a deficiency of vitamin D, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is higher, which consequently potentially endangers the health of the male sexual apparatus. If, on the other hand, vitamin D levels are adequate, the likelihood of developing both cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction should be reduced, although studies are still needed on an adequate number of patients.