The term bariatric bed is quite familiar to many people. Yet, can a bariatric bed offer the best solution for people with weight problems? And, what exactly is the meaning of bariatric?

Two Greek words such as “baros” to mean weight and “iatrics” to mean treatment is the origin of the term bariatric. A branch of medicine in 1965 first used this term when they conducted practices and studies to treat and prevent obesity.

Bariatric is also part of health and fitness therapies including behavioural, diet, and exercise.

It is only today that the term generally refers to equipment used for overweight people to include bariatric chairs and hospital beds. With this said, is there a difference between bariatric beds from a regular bed?

Bariatric bed

An overweight person can still use a regular bed. However, true benefits are in store for patients using bariatric beds than regular ones. Not only will the bed safely accommodate people weighing up to 1000 lbs, but it also provides a range of treatment benefits.

Greater weight capacity

The design of a bariatric bed is meant to accommodate weight capacities of up to 1000 lbs. Unlike the standard frame of regular beds, the available widths in bariatric beds include 36”, 42”, 54”, and 60”.

The “convertible” models feature adjustable widths and heights to accommodate any large-sized person. The bed casters also make bariatric beds easy to wheel to different parts of a facility or home.

Provide convenience to caregivers

The task of taking care of bariatric patients becomes easier for caregivers with help from a bariatric bed. The safety features of the bariatric bed make it easy for caregivers to handle and move the patient.

The hard task of turning or moving or transferring the patient in or out of a bed becomes quick, safe, and convenient when it’s from a bariatric bed. Bedsores are also prevented from forming with the support a bariatric bed provides when the patient is assisted and repositioned in activities of daily living to include using the bathroom or taking a bath.

Bariatric mattress

The bariatric mattress is the perfect pair for bariatric beds. The customised creation of the mattress enables it to meet all the needs of bariatric patients. A regular mattress is very different from the specifically-designed bariatric mattress.

Constructed and designed to meet the needs of heavy users, the bariatric mattress is constructed with heavy-duty gauge springs. This enables the bariatric mattress to provide a durable, suitable, and comfortable sleep surface for heavier users.

The materials used in bariatric mattresses are incredibly strong and durable. They are not stuffed full of foam and is neither too thick nor too thin. The special construction of bariatric mattresses prevents material thinning and compacting. The high-density foam feature of the mattress makes it capable of withstanding excessive pressure over the years.

The ultimate treatment and comfort benefits are provided by a bariatric mattress to an overweight patient.

The high priority needs of heavier patients are met with help from bariatric beds and mattresses. The high-quality and extreme comfort of the bed and mattress provide overweight patients a quality life they deserve. The relative safety and ease in performing daily tasks are also provided to caregivers by a bariatric bed and mattresses.